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Can t afford it but when it comes to this kind of thing he will not be cured bomb cbd gummies cowardly but he will really rob people it s not from you you are robbing me I gave her my textbook yesterday ji yutao stated the textbook was given to her.

Sister in law when qiu heng heard it he felt bad he hurriedly stopped yun zhenzhen don t yell don cured bomb cbd gummies t yell this is not a sister in law now isn t it yun zhenzhen was stunned for a moment her round pupils cured bomb cbd gummies turned and she.

Two or three months together maybe I find that I can t support the wall with mud anyway I left again after that it was almost what you see now during that time I skipped classes didn t study hard and lost a lot of grades so i.

Led to although qiu heng obviously left them everyone the mood is still relatively calm it is easier to accept this fact but su wan clearly and they re all the same on the same starting line and it would be too shocking to.

Pointed at su wan s test paper and said these are really did you write it su wan was baffled by qiu heng s performance nodded and said otherwise qiu heng was so excited that he almost bit his tongue no didn t you learn the.

Back on a chartered plane overnight cured bomb cbd gummies su wan clenched her fingers subconsciously she felt that she was about to know the truth that jing zhishen didn t study hard after he came back he asked me what was going on he cared about.

Pulling jing zhishen with snot and tears he sighed at how he looked when he was bullied by qiu heng but fu siqing who was standing behind him looked at qiu heng thoughtfully and then looked at qiu heng with a light expression.

Competition class is Benefits Of Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies very fast if she doesn t listen to a class she misses a lot of things if she doesn t take this opportunity to make up for the class when cured bomb cbd gummies I go to the next class I m canada schedule for cbd oil afraid I won t be able to keep up as for.

Wan got a big red face when yun zhenzhen made such a fuss just when she was embarrassed and didn t know what to say suddenly the system prompt sounded again being poor cares themselves being wealthy cares the world as the top.

T help but look over here in a week I will preview all the content that follows yet to be 60 mg cbd gummies effects recognized by the teacher it is definitely not as simple as reading it all at once or at least the degree to which basic knowledge can.

Ambient lights in such a closed environment there is the restless breath of young people in addition the three of them are relatively silent at the moment which makes the box even more dull you talk first I ll go out and make.

Different because we are mainly talking about principles and we have not done practical exercises so we are more most of Benefits Of Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies the logic is written on paper but after she writes it it seems that the running code is automatically.

Zhishen tried his best to keep his expression relaxed but as soon as he said this su wan couldn t help but twitch in his heart even if jing zhishen said these things she couldn t fully empathize with her but at this moment.

To call him a big brother as for qiuheng himself listening to jing zhishen s words his whole person gradually collapsed no you praise your future daughter in law why are you stepping on it although these things are true exist.

Yeah it s another cruel knockout test I think about the kid last year who cried a lot when he was knocked out begging us to give him another chance but it s not a question of whether we give him a chance or not is that they.

Gently poked su wan s shoulder su wan didn t move he took a cured bomb cbd gummies deep breath used a little strength and pushed su wan su wan let s go back to school first then you go to bed su .

How Soon Before Bed Cbd Oil Reddit ?

Did Shark Tank Invest In Cbd Oil ?Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre how do i know if my cbd oil is real Cbd Gummies For Anxiety.
What Dosage For Cbd Oil 250mg ?how do i know if my cbd oil is real How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last Does Cbd Help With Sleep cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre.
Does Cbd Oil Help With Appetite ?10 Mg Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Gummy Reviews, how do i know if my cbd oil is real.

how do i know if my cbd oil is real How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last Does Cbd Help With Sleep cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre. wan dr oz cbd gummies reviews raised his head in a daze slightly he narrowed.

Year later liang deke breathed a sigh of relief it seemed he was right but ji yutao s sudden turn made liang deke s breath of relief come how long does it take for cbd oil to work for nerve pain up again but what liang deke best lab tested cbd oil for pain asked but I think she should focus on learning not.

Big guy around him although he doesn t want to face the 600 mg cbd oil capsules result emotionally he wants to fight for it but intellectually he knew that mr ji would give su wan the book which proved that su wan s talent in mathematics would never.

Better for these three people to be eliminated from the competition class earlier so as not to have these three people in front of them all the time looking at them after ji yutao came in he still didn t say anything more.

Said the last sentence jing zhishen has become red and red he is shy and impatient but qiu heng has already finished telling the dark history and it is impossible for him let time go back in the end he could only give qiu.

Insufficient and there will be some what difference does it make if cbd oil doesmt have thc stuck on some more comprehensive questions everything else performed well this made ji yutao nodded slightly with a bit of satisfaction in his cured bomb cbd gummies eyes at least with qiu heng there their.

By a school girl who was one year younger than you this feeling Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre cured bomb cbd gummies is not a personal experience it is difficult to understand the unspeakable bitterness in it among them even ruan liang who has always been silent and calm couldn.

Dad give you yun zhenzhen announced boldly the words he said made su wan s eyelids jump is this how the rich second generation thank you this willpower is a little bit worse and I m afraid that my heart will be messed up soon.

Walked into the classroom what they heard was exactly what they were talking about last paragraph if she really sees the compulsory four within a week it s a pervert when su wan heard these words he immediately touched his.

Biggest expectation of the teacher of the competition class and those students who are obviously not suitable for the competition it is almost time to persuade them to leave office it was already eight o clock can you cut cbd gummies in half on sunday night.

Only have so cbd oil at vitamin shoppe much time in high school there is no need to waste too much on the road that is not suitable for him more time okay okay let s not talk about these uncomfortable topics has your class produced any good seeds this.

Do with su wan s family actually I knew it a few weeks ago in addition to me my family has a pair of twin brothers and sisters then my sister was diagnosed with congenital heart disease some time ago and needs to take long.

Surrounded by everyone waiting for his answer after hesitating for a moment he said cautiously it should it can be said that she used all the available time for a week she basically watched the class and only saw the.

Hacked by this kid ha ha ha ha ha ha ha shen xijia finally couldn t help it and burst out laughing she knew that liang de there is a firewall he wrote on his computer and this is the part he is extremely proud of almost every.

Undergone torment competition class and also feel that he is just a mediocre member of all living beings once you hold the idea that you are a genius you will inevitably be hit head on by the latest problem in the next second.

Su wan was silent and in the next moment a blush slowly emerged from her neck and climbed upwards she looks like she s drunk and it was the can you drink alcohol while on cbd oil first time to hang .

What Is The Meaning Of Cbd Oil ?

Can I Bring Cbd Oil To Malaysia ?cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Gummies, Cbd Gummies For Anxiety how do i know if my cbd oil is real Vegan Cbd Gummy.
Are Serenity Cbd Gummies Legit ?Pure Cbd Gummies how do i know if my cbd oil is real, cured bomb cbd gummies What Is Cbd Gummies Cbd Sleep Aid.
Do They Drug Test For Cbd Oil ?Pure Cbd Gummies how do i know if my cbd oil is real, cured bomb cbd gummies What Is Cbd Gummies Cbd Sleep Aid.
Is Selling Cbd Oil A Good Business ?cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Gummies, Cbd Gummies For Anxiety how do i know if my cbd oil is real Vegan Cbd Gummy.

cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Gummies, Cbd Gummies For Anxiety how do i know if my cbd oil is real Vegan Cbd Gummy. out with her classmates and she also had two friends she just met.

Our school completely lost to the people from shengcheng high school in this regard this year since you saying that qiuheng has talent in this area can we think about it when it comes to business liang deke s expression is.

Complete a person s plan and it s best to see each other next week and talk about the specific situation no problem no problem boss if you can really improve my grades let me tell you .

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cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Gummies, Cbd Gummies For Anxiety how do i know if my cbd oil is real Vegan Cbd Gummy. you can choose any suite in our city my.

Saw the performance of qiu heng the classmate cured bomb cbd gummies he cared more about in this class qiu heng is still very stable as a first year student he can barely keep up with the rhythm and understand what he is saying it is already very.

Zhishen with clarity in his eyes although jing zhishen was indifferent on his face the small flames in his heart jumped for a while with just a few words su wan s decision to help the two of them make up their lessons is.

Phone screen lit up su wan looked .

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Pure Cbd Gummies how do i know if my cbd oil is real, cured bomb cbd gummies What Is Cbd Gummies Cbd Sleep Aid. over it was a message from jing zhishen at the gate of the school at two o clock the housekeeper will pick us up okay su wan replied after she replied she did not waver because of it time.

And said if you purchase cbd gummies online have such a rich and powerful father you may be less can you take cbd oil and ibuprophen together promising than me at that time everyone including her probably felt that the dandy label was affixed to almost every position of his body but now knowing.

Were constantly surging but it was not just him the other sophomores full spectrum cbd oil is more effective than cbd isolate were also in a bad mood being selected to come to this class proves that they are in their respective the class is all excellent but now they were surpassed.

What I said liang deke couldn t help asking ji yutao nodded that s right as long as su wan finds his own direction and studies hard it is possible to directly cured bomb cbd gummies hit the national finance ministry and even the national team one.

Celebrate their birthdays but she got drunk first and left the venue .

Is Cbd Oil Extracted From Hemp ?

Can Cbd Oil Be Brought On A Plane ?how do i know if my cbd oil is real How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last Does Cbd Help With Sleep cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre.
Can Cbd Oil With People With Copd ?Pure Cbd Gummies how do i know if my cbd oil is real, cured bomb cbd gummies What Is Cbd Gummies Cbd Sleep Aid.

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre how do i know if my cbd oil is real Cbd Gummies For Anxiety. first which is inappropriate no matter how you think about it sorry I accidentally drank too much yesterday su wan said apologetically hey it s okay it s.

Two months basically getting this book means that the teacher recognizes cured bomb cbd gummies you from the bottom of your heart and recognizes your talent su wan couldn t help but get excited when she heard this looking at the understatement of.

If it hurts jing zhishen asked quickly it doesn t hurt su wan replied then there was a long silence on both sides su wan watched the cured bomb cbd gummies chat box flashing and was typing after waiting for a long time no message was sent su wan.

In the morning look again it was sent by you jingzhishen several messages in the future you should drink less wine I asked chen yaxing to send you back to your dormitory wake up and say something su wan saw these news and for.

Zhenzhen immediately interrupted jing zhishen brother shen I I understand what you mean what you Cbd Sleep Aid cured bomb cbd gummies want to say is that what teachers see from the perspective of students is different from that of students if they are classmates.

Classmates and entered the competition class every one of them here is the best in the class in other words everyone is a person who refuses to admit defeat after a class last week the entire test paper was written from.

Time to do you get high from cbd gummies do this but it may help a person make a plan it s going to be a week and maybe next week to see them again su wan said the one week is because they have to examine their foundation as for the next week of course it is.

Would have nothing else to do so he could only come back but these in the end can only be thought about rather than expect other companies to go bankrupt I might as well do something myself during that time I did succeed i.

Very well the results may even impact the national finance corporation when liang deke spoke he was in high spirits if he could personally bring out a student from the national finance cured bomb cbd gummies institute and he obviously has a.

When he saw it he stopped completely ignoring that he was still in class and blurted out how can you do it in one sentence is cbd oil harmful to liver su wan woke up from the problem she raised her head and felt that the eyes of the whole class seemed.

In the competition class have high iqs and the teachers also know this when giving lectures it is not like they are usually in the classroom and they have to take care of most people therefore the course progress of the.

Obviously he also felt a big problem with this sudden news of course jing zhishen knows that this will what er yun was is cbd oil good for eczema really thinking he said slowly do you think that this is impossible can t so many tutors teach it but yun.

Wan alone with this voice ji yutao clenched his armpits while reading a textbook it was like a paralyzed face and there was a faint smile on the face that had no expression for many years as he spoke he walked towards several.

The deep past of jing zhi recalling this sentence she actually noticed it some naturalxtract cbd gummies different meanings he was laughing but there might be bitterness hidden under that bright smile in his words it seemed that he was reckless and.

Confusion she seemed to hear someone calling her she raised her head squinted her eyes slightly looked at yun zhenzhen then afterwards he bluntly denied I m not drunk just as he spoke his body couldn t help shaking yun.

Have ideas ruan liang didn t need to say more he had completed all the questions in more than 20 minutes he picked up the test paper and glanced at it full marks ruan liang s excellence made ji yutao a little more comfortable.

Okay to take a little rest .

Can I Take Cbd Oil To Greece ?

cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Sleep Gummies, Cbd Gummies For Anxiety how do i know if my cbd oil is real Vegan Cbd Gummy. but as soon as this signal came out su wan immediately smothered the idea she knows that as long as she really relaxes she will not want to start again entering the state I am afraid it will be a.

Informatics but mathematics ji yutao said liang deke was stunned for a few seconds and suddenly realized no you mean you want to fight me people although teacher ji is a teacher he respects very much he also thinks that he.

He swallowed and said no can you vape cbd oil at work it s not boss I I haven t sinned against you during this time what a joke their grades but how many famous tutors dad hired is useless brother shen found a classmate at random and said that he could.

Past liang deke expressed his doubts never been exposed to programming it s normal for this grade children not much exposure to programming no that s not what I meant she has not been exposed to programming but has never been.

Getting drunk what kneeling and singing conquest are all light thinking of the social death incidents she had heard of su wan felt that no matter which one happened to her it was outrageous her face was flushed now and she.

For leave will she leave a bad impression on the teacher what s wrong geniuses like us usually study very freely it s okay to ask for leave if there is something the teacher won t interfere with us too much and you have.

Wan not only do you want to roll it yourself but you also want to take my brothers to roll with me is this what people do jingzhi after listening deeply he raised his eyebrows cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep Gummies and said how do you talk qiu heng his expression.

Zhenzhen felt that the news he heard right now was the most terrifying news he had heard in recent years the entire box maintained an unbelievable state for a long time then the cloud really laughed dryly he said okay it s.

So nervous then she sees it the sudden news from jing zhishen made her stunned and her eyes widened it s nothing it s just that you told me that you like me su wan watched the news for three minutes then the whole person.

Read it thoroughly after closing the last math textbook the system s prompt tone started congratulations to the host for completing the intensive reading of all mathematics textbooks in high school the task has been.

She has only one and a half electives left to read the contents of the elective textbooks and compared with the required textbooks it is much simpler at this time there were still two days until the end of the mission cured bomb cbd gummies and su.

Occasionally picks up the cup to take a sip just like this one sip after another when jing cured bomb cbd gummies zhishen realizes that something is wrong su anhui s cheeks have floated up a layer of light pink she rested her elbows on the table.

Pure as if he has no distractions yes I suddenly remembered you said before that you were short of money what s the matter with you respectfully zhishen suddenly thought of it and felt that this matter might have something to.

Celebrating their birthdays in such a place no matter how you look at it it seems a little unreliable however this is the place they chose and she is not very can cbd oil help with cancer good at saying anything well I can only follow the two of them and.

Uneasy in his heart but he was inexplicably looking forward cbd oil and feeling shaky to su wan s answer I like it I m more obedient su wan s voice was a little low and she kept lying on the table her eyes were slightly closed oh I m pretty good I get.

In the .

Which States Allow The Sale Of Cbd Oil Tinctures

10 Mg Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Gummy Reviews, how do i know if my cbd oil is real. morning and her whole person is refreshed compared with other students who are physically and mentally exhausted there is a great contrast when the teacher finished the last question and announced the dismissal of.

Wait for me to get off I ll be fine right away liang deke said as if thinking of what happened today his face turned green I was wondering what this kid made me wait for but in less than a minute the computer I projected was.

Have to do all of these exam questions to be honest I have read the exercise book you mentioned before but I glanced at the things I hardly knew and I pressed them to the bottom of the table su wan with a smile it Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre cured bomb cbd gummies s okay you.

Consuming dryly waiting for two o clock to arrive instead taking advantage of this short time he full spectrum cbd oil with out thc sold near me entered the system space again the task assigned by the system is so shura she dare not relax a little two in the afternoon su.

And a sense of accomplishment now he intends to rise up 25 per million cbd oil and also wants to take his two brothers along .

Can You Get A Rash From Cbd Oil ?

10 Mg Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd Gummy Reviews, how do i know if my cbd oil is real. by the way therefore the first thing he thought of was su wan of course there s no problem with this it s not a waste of.

Given her so much tuition fees but she has already made her feel a little embarrassed it is just a matter of convenience to help his friends now what s more helping their own system also gives a huge amount of influence.

Term medication but in our family only my father works outside to make money he .

How To Get Cbd Gummies Out Of Your System

how do i know if my cbd oil is real How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last Does Cbd Help With Sleep cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre. the money not only needs to provide for the whole family s life but also it would not be enough to divide it up to treat my sister su wan told.

Su wan wanted to comfort but she didn t know what to say I know now that I m grown up I understand everything and understand his behavior there s just one thing I haven t figured out yet jingzhishen said what s the matter.

From his bag and handed it to su wan su wan this is for you but the teacher has written his name I hope you won t mind ji yutao said he thought qiu heng is the only one in the class who has the talent to bring out the value.

System should be coming at that time su wan will withdraw from the subjects that are not suitable for him and concentrate on learning the content of informatics her talent in next year s informatics competition she can get it.

National treasure level scholar in the future how can the host be less powerful strong support sub line sign in task released help yun zhenzhen and fu siqing to formulate a study plan and .

How Many Cbd Gummies In A Dose

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre how do i know if my cbd oil is real Cbd Gummies For Anxiety. their grades have been improved to.

Heng a stern look and changed the subject let s go go to the box first su wan could not have imagined that he unexpectedly heard the embarrassing incident of jing zhishen s childhood and he didn t know how to make chocolates with cbd oil react for a.

His eyes slightly at jing zhishen then nodded she got up rubbed her temples gently and followed behind jing zhishen jing zhishen wanted to support her for fear that she would fall but he raised his hand halfway as if he had.

Jing zhishen without a trace let s play first I m having .

How To Separate Coconut Oil And Cbd ?

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre how do i know if my cbd oil is real Cbd Gummies For Anxiety. a good time today and cured bomb cbd gummies we ll talk about it when we leave jing zhishen said don t if it s an important matter I won t be in the mood to listen when I leave so hurry up.

The system cannot quantify it suwan his eyes moved suddenly with yun zhenzhen interrupting here the atmosphere in the box suddenly came alive obviously yun zhenzhen is a typical atmosphere in this small group after making a.

In a place that the classmates could not see looking at su wan s eyes there was a kind of extreme pleasure forbearance it turns out that the best puyu in this class is actually her ten minutes between classes this time for.

Seemed to be drawn out of strength and lay down on the bed his eyes were filled with unrequited love she is angry weakly picked up the phone lying down and replied thenthe result the result is that I am not very good at.

Bury her head in writing the questions on the test paper although ji yutao seems to be maintaining the order of the class in fact his attention has been on su wan at the moment he saw the scene of su wan s instant.

Sisters to see if they could learn a few more questions at this time the discussion of the issue was almost over and seeing more and more people coming in one of the first year students suddenly said I heard we re going to.

Zhishen narrowed the corners of his lips hey don t talk nonsense qiu heng smiled stunned cured bomb cbd gummies how can I I may be talking nonsense but I m telling the truth let me tell you something when .

How Long Should A 1000mg Cbd Oil Cartridge Last ?

  • 1.What S The Difference Between Hemp Oil And Cbd
  • 2.Does Cbd Oil Show Up On A Drug Test Michigan
  • 3.Is It Okay To Take Uceris And Cbd Tincture Oil

how do i know if my cbd oil is real How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last Does Cbd Help With Sleep cured bomb cbd gummies Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre. we were five years old my father and his.

Her fingers clenched fists against her chin where to buy hillstone cbd gummies her eyes were slightly closed and she had a somewhat blurred look in the past su wan was calm and rational when she was so calm that people noticed her the first thing she noticed.

A variety of solutions students who have undergone training usually develop a set of competitive thinking and the solutions are similar but su wan is not to find out the what is the highest concentration cbd oil that you buy online essence of the problem and finally solve the problem.

I m not studying hard now I ve decided to let do you need medical marijuana card to buy cbd oil it go su wan felt a little sad because of empathy with jingzhishen but when jingzhishen said this it was also a little lighter she suddenly reacted come over yes jing zhishen Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre cured bomb cbd gummies has.

Be used as a drink it s still possible to get drunk su wan who was completely inexperienced was hit so unknowingly she and yun zhenzhen are not familiar with each other when they are in trouble she just watches quietly.

Mountain as a result children would want to pee after drinking too much but it was not so convenient to find the toilet on cbd oil for pressure sores the mountain he will not be able to solve it on the spot qiuheng jing zhishen has never acting in such.

Said hello he didn t forget what ji yutao said just now so he couldn t help but ask mr ji what did you mean when colorado cbd gummies cbd oil benefits cell death you just said that su wan is not my su wan liang deke asked it s superficial don t you know that su wan.

Xuemei su since you got this book you must do your best to win glory for the school the task of getting down on that stinky ruan liang will be handed over to you su wan suddenly felt ashamed su wan originally thought that.

Himself as a top student as for qiu heng s top student as a matter of course su wan was still a little uncomfortable however jing zhishen may miss this village and not have this store su wan looked at the 1500 area 52 cbd gummies point task.

Behavior in the past was not his intention and now by chance he finally reached a reconciliation with his past self his life doesn t revolve around his parents I don t know when it started he seems to have his own way the.

Points reward even if there is no request from the depth of respect she will find a way to help it was she who didn t know it but in the ears of several people there were some other meanings yun took a deep look at jing.

Let it go it should be easier after that cbd oil without thc for pain su wan said do you also have troubles at home now it s jingzhi s turn to be surprised su wan s usual behavior is that he doesn t love anything except studying and his mind is pure and.

Him but found out that he was not su wan still had that calm expression on his face quietly listening to his words seeing this jingzhi lowered his eyes slightly and twitched the corners of his mouth however when I was in the.

Although ji yutao was shocked he had seen a lot of wind and waves after all and he quickly suppressed the excitement in his heart on the surface he still looked serious and serious really explain to you the content of the.

A .

Are Tennessee Grown Hemp Plants Good Strains For Cbd Oil

Pure Cbd Gummies how do i know if my cbd oil is real, cured bomb cbd gummies What Is Cbd Gummies Cbd Sleep Aid. hurry but qiu heng was very good at hiding and kept going around su wan jing zhishen was afraid that he would meet su wan and hurt her so he didn t dare to rush over to catch qiu heng he was so cute at that time but he was.

Himself the decoration style and then he spent a whole month at that time and decided to open a ktv and the style was this exaggerated local style deep respect shaking my black history is very happy isn t it qiu heng was.

Billion kilowatt light bulb in front of cured bomb cbd gummies his brother so after leaving such a sentence he disappeared completely after qiu heng left su wan and jingzhi were left behind the two of shen for some reason only felt that the.

Zhenzhen s wechat after a while there was a crackling message from there student su how do i know if my cbd oil is real Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep wan hello hello hello I didn t have a good chat yesterday su wan felt a little embarrassed when she saw the news she went to help people.

Embarrassment su wan was also called a little embarrassed by this sister in law the distance between jingzhishen and jingzhishen was shortened and she immediately returned to her original position after being called by her.

Father took us out to climb the mountain after hearing this beginning jing zhishen immediately guessed what qiu heng was going to say next the corner of his eyes after pumping he rushed forward immediately looking like he.

Better at home I often think if my father is not so rich and powerful and he is just a very ordinary father is that right can you stay with me more cured bomb cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep Gummies at home I even thought darkly wishing my dad s company went bankrupt so he.

Classmate I mentioned took only a week to catch up with him every time jing zhishen said a word yun zhenzhen s pupils widened a bit at the end of listening yun zhenzhen stopped listening and stepped forward to grasp jing.