Why Us?

Why us?

THE AIM OF EDUCATION IS THE KNOWLEDGE NOT OF FACT BUT OF TIME VALUES………                                                                                                                                                                 Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre Group in patna is a place of excellent success of a dynamic coaching centre and it was founded with a vision to impart a quality and excellent result,as well as prepare students for their needs and make careers & professions that they provide support and services for tha well beging of individuals,family and socity also. we provide oriented class room coaching to tha serious aspirants for all competitive exams-RAILWAY/BANK/SSC/ & DEFENCE /SSB INTERVIEW/GENERAL-INTERVIEW /RESONING /PSYCHO-TEST And other competitive exams….                                                                         AMAR JYOTI COACHING CENTRE PVT.LTD… helps quality of tha students in developing command over tha basic fundamentals ,concepts .since 2001 AJCC has come a long way in educational field serving tha AJCC ….—……

• 17 years of success  Ajcc coaching centre..

• The high competitive enviranment…/Regular test &with discussion……

• The powerful distinction between answer writing requisites according to the demands of a question.

• The control and the skill to create effective and novel insights into otherwise obvious issues.

• The art of powerful presentation— in person and in the written or the spoken word.

• The ability to communicate one’s viewpoint with confidence and conviction and that accurately and     effectively.

The students of AJCC are benefited with the high-tech infrastructure at their disposal, established in an area of 14000 sq.ft. AJCC has a number of classrooms equipped with statE-of-the art facility.

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