Reasoning Special

Q 1. What are logical reasoning questions?

Ans. Logical reasoning questions can be both verbal and non-verbal. Such questions are asked in competitive exams to analyse the reasoning ability of candidates.

Q 2. What are the topics asked in the logical reasoning section?

Ans. Topics like blood relations, coding-decoding, direction test, seating arrangement, puzzles, input-output, syllogism, alphanumeric series, mirror images, statement and conclusions/argument are included in the logical reasoning syllabus.

Q 3. How to solve logical reasoning questions?

Ans. Follow the steps below to solve the logical reasoning questions:

  • Read the question carefully, line by line
  • Note down the important information
  • Use pictorial solution in case of confusion
  • Opt for shortcuts and tricks, if any
  • Analyse if the question can or cannot be solved verbally. This will help save some time

Q 4. How to prepare logical reasoning for upcoming competitive exams?

Ans. To prepare logical reasoning for upcoming competitive exams, candidates can refer to the following tips:

  • Review the syllabus in detail and accordingly start your preparation
  • Solve different types of questions based on each topic to strengthen your command over it
  • Work on shortcuts and tricks to save time during the final exam
  • Focus on Time Management
  • Analyse previous year papers to get a list of important topics

Alphabet Test

Alphabet Test is a very important and frequent section of the reasoning ability. Here we shall learn to count alphabets and see what we can do with them. Alphabet test will check your ability to see and identify rules that govern sentences and words. 

Arithmetical Reasoning

Arithmetical Reasoning checks the candidates capacity to adjust to the changing patterns among various arithmetic relations. Here we will know about the wonderful technique of using Venn Diagrams and find how we can check various data relations.

Calendar and Clock Test

Calendar and Clock test is an important tool to check your reasoning ability. The Clock test section can be tricky but fun too! Here we explore the reasoning questions on Calendar and Clock test. Work your way through hours and months like in a few seconds!


Coding-Decoding tasks are a maze until you hit the bull’s eye and find out the rule or the key to the code. Each code has a key to it. Once you find the key, you will be able to decode it within seconds.


An analogy is an interesting way to reason and extend a concept to a relevant field. Often the only convenient way to solve a problem will be an analogy. These analogies are thus rigorously checked in the reasoning ability. 

Blood Relations

Blood Relations are fun, but they can be confusing too. What is your aunt’s cousin’s sister’s niece to your mother’s neighbours’ daughter? Worry not, Amar Jyoti Coaching Centre Pvt.Ltd. is here to help you decipher all the complexities of the blood relations!